Why is Gender Balancing so important?


What we are experiencing in the workplace at present is nothing short of a revolution – certainly it’s a historic shift.  More women than ever before are entering the world of work (the workforce in the US, for the first time in history, is now comprised of more women than  men), women now make up the largest talent pool of qualified candidates available for hire, and they are eager and willing to take on more responsibility at work.

And yet leadership roles for women still prove elusive.

So, why should companies take gender balancing more seriously?

  1. Every company should be looking to secure the best leaders available and should be bringing together a complementary set of skills into leadership teams.  When women are conspicuously missing from these teams, companies deprive themselves of a whole range of perspectives and skills.
  2. Studies have shown significant improvements in decision-making quality in more gender-balanced leadership teams.
  3. Women now make 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions.  A gender diverse company is far better equipped to relate to its customer base.
  4. Studies show that women lead in a more participative manner that promotes teamwork – and teamwork fuels better performance.
  5. It is irrefutable that having women in decision-making positions has a dramatic impact on improving corporate governance.


There are many, many more reasons to improve gender diversity.  The bottom line is that gender balancing is not about the advancement of women.  Gender balancing is simply better for business.  What is exciting for all enterprises to consider is that few companies have yet achieved global gender balance.  All evidence points to the fact that those that get this right first will have significant competitive advantage over those that don’t.

What are we waiting for?


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